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from the first dtp studio in region

We are engineers of graphic technology with extensive experience in various areas of the printing industry. WELT was born in 1991 as one of the first DTP studios in the region. From the first pioneer Macs, box alike, through high end rotation scanners, film image setters, up until today, we've gained significant experience in graphic prepress, typography, graphic design for 

newspapers, magazines and books, editing, photography, publishing and so much more. Recently we completed our offer with work in digital world. Currently, web and multimedia projects consume most of our work day. In many cases our knowledge of traditional, let’s say, analog world of printing rules, typographic norms, layout systems and their implementation in 

digital media, gives us a particular advantage over the competition. We are skilled in preparing complete projects for production in both the analog and digital fields, optimizing work for either printed or interactive publishing.

Ines Volf
Dino Sefaja


we work / have worked with...

IBM (Canada); VICHY- L’Oreal, (Slovenia); Net Integration Technologies (Canada); St. Josephs Hospital (Canada); EQUEL (USA), Fiorital (Italy); BMW Town & Country (Canada); Amdosoft (Germany); Rolls Royce marine

For Croatian market: Jadrolinija d.d., Rijeka; Plodine d.d, Rijeka, Grad Rijeka; Turistička zajednica Primorsko goranske županije; Hrvatsko narodno kazalište Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka, EDIT, Rijeka; Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Rijeka, Muzej grada Rijeke, Školska knjiga d.d., Zagreb, INA d.d., Rijeka; Straža, tvornica stakla, Hum na Sutli; Finvest Corp d.d, Čabar; Privredni vjesnik d.o.o., Zagreb;  Hotel Jadran, Rijeka, Hoteli Novi d.d., Crikvenica; Dicta d.o.o., Rijeka; Credo banka d.d., MGK d.d., Rijeka; Terme Selce d.o.o., Selce; Poliklinika Nemec, Matulji; Zavod za javno zdravstvo PGŽ; Hrvatska vodoprivreda d.d., Zagreb; Hrvatske šumeVinska kuća Majetić, Brodogradilište Kraljevica d.d., Kraljevica; Comotempera d.o.o., Rijeka; Prva riječka gimnazija, Svetište Majke Božje Trsatske, Neograf d.o.o. Kraljevica, RAM d.o.o., Rijeka; Veble Commerce d.o.o., Zagreb, Naklada Benja d.o.o., Rijeka; ICR d.o.o., Rijeka; Transadria d.o.o, Rijeka;  Dušević & Kršovnik d.o.o. Rijeka; Leo Commerce d.o.o., Rijeka; Glosa d.o.o., Rijeka; Adamić, d.o.o., Rijeka; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Ekonomski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, Medicinski fakultet sveučilišta u Rijeci, Zavod HAZU, Rijeka; Antibarbarus d.o.o., Zagreb; Hrvatska Elektroprivreda, Rijeka; Grad Kastav; Matica hrvatska ogranak Rijeka; Naklada Mathias, d.o.o., Labin; Galerija Svečnjak, Čabar; Galerija Arh, Rijeka; Galerija Grad, Rijeka; Euroway d.o.o., Kastav; Dado TopićOsojnica d.o.o, Kraljevica; Centar riba d.o.o., Zagreb; Benetina d.o.o., Zagreb; Ardis d.o.o., Zagreb; Rustik kamen d.o.o., Zagreb; Dabić d.o.o., Zagreb; Bowen Hrvatska; Fizioterapija Poščić; Ardis d.o.o., Zagreb; Centar riba d.o.o. Zagreb; Fiores Zagreb, Tehnostroj d.o.o.; Sl. Brod; Rotary club International, Restaurant Nono Frane; Exing d.o.o.; Tiskara Rijeka d.d., Rijeka, Tipograf d.d., Rijeka; Poslovne zone Rijeka, Gasket d.o.o., Viškovo; Exing d.o.o., Rijeka ...

... and many others.


Ines and Dino are a uniquely enthusiastic, talented and creative designers and strategists. They’re a favorite of mine among my agency clients as they reliably over-delivers, adding immense value to every project they work on.
ozzy papic
CEO Net Integration Technologies, Canada
My relationship with WELT design studio began over eight years ago – during my tenure as a Marketing Manager first at Net Integration Technologies, then IBM, and now for my own business. I've worked with a lot of designers and print vendors, but WELT is of the savviest. They just get it. They are masters of the whole process, and whenever I leave something in their hands, I know I've got nothing to worry about.
Stephanie Ragany
Marketing Manager IBM, Canada
More than anything guys from Welt have the ability to create something from nothing. They often come up with things I never would have considered in the first place.
denis marsanic
INA, Croatia